love spoons wedding gift

A Lovespoon is traditionally a wooden spoon which has been decoratively carved and presented as a romantic present. Spoons would often be decorated with symbols of love like hearts, knots, flower etc.

Lovespoons are historically linked closely to Wales with the oldest Welsh lovespoon dating back to 1667. However, Lovespoons have also been a significant part of many cultures across the world including Scandinavia and parts of Eastern Europe. The oldest known lovespoon worldwide is German and dates to 1664.

Some of the best known lovespoon symbols and their meanings are:

  • wheel - supporting a loved one
  • leaves - love grows
  • stork & baby - new baby
  • ring - together forever
  • knot - entwining of lives 
  • horseshoe - good luck and happiness
  • hearts - true love
  • flowers - affection

This long history of spoons taking a role in love and weddings makes hand stamped vintage spoons the ideal gift for a couple getting married.

A simple pair of 'Mr' and 'Mrs' Spoons or cake forks are ideal as a special token gift. I also make a range of vintage box sets with messages that make lovely gifts for a wedding, engagement or anniversary.

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